What is Youth Ministry?

We asked some of our teens what Youth Ministry means to them,

here’s what they had to say…

“It’s the ultimate high school (or middle school) experience”

“Youth ministry is where my faith started, it’s where all of my questions were answered and where I found a family who continues to support my growth through the faith”

“Youth ministry is family and belonging”

“I think youth ministry can be summed up by the words of Pope Benedict XVI:

‘to receive Jesus and to take Him to others is the true joy of the Christian’”

“It’s a place to grow closer to Christ”

“A community where I am free to express myself and build friendships

with other outgoing teens”

“Youth ministry has helped me grow in my faith and meet many amazing people”

“Helping teens encounter and deepen their relationship with Christ and helping them find home in the Church”

“The way that a group of people come together and create deep relationships; a fellowship”

“A way to give teens the tools to evangelize”

“Youth ministry to me is a place to grow and learn. It’s where you can really feel like you are part of a family”

“It’s a comforting environment where it’s ok to be yourself and express or enhance your faith life”

“It’s where I made some of the closest friends that I still have to this day”

“Youth ministry is a community where friends can become family”

“It’s a safe place where you can build a genuine relationship with friends and with Christ”

“Youth ministry is a way to grow your faith and act as a leader and role model for young children while also making friends that are supportive and caring”

“Youth ministry is like a family- a family that can connect with me on a personal and faith-based level, one that will always be there to support me on my road to God, a family that will never stop providing unconditional love and care to its members because the beauty of the ministry lies in the people and relationships”