Supper Saints

Do you like to cook or grocery shop? And want to get involved with our youth ministry in a special way? Supper Saints are parishioners who have decided to provide ALL or PART of the supper meal for those who are attending Lifeteen. If part of the supper is offered, a second Supper Saint would be scheduled on the same night. Our attendance fluctuates throughout the year, but we aim to prepare food for approximately 25 teens and 10 leaders. Offering your time and talent to bring supper for such a large group is a very large task and is greatly appreciated. If you would like to get involved and are unable to cook a meal, we would gladly accept a monetary contribution to sponsor a meal.

A full supper consists of:

  1. A vegetable dish (salad, fresh or hot veggies)

  2. A main dish

  3. A dessert (fruits, sweets or frozen…)

What does a Supper Saint do?

● Decide what meal to provide and buy accordingly

● Deliver the supper (or part of it) before 6:30PM on the designated date, ready to serve. If it is a challenge to deliver it hot, we can make arrangements to deliver it earlier, so it can be heated in the oven at the church

Always avoid ALL NUTS

● Please, no meat during Lent (ie. beef, poultry, and pork)

● If delivering the supper in containers that you would like returned, please make sure your name is on them

● You are welcome to provide your receipts for reimbursement

We will supply plates, cutlery and napkins.

If you would like to discuss becoming a Supper Saint, find out which dates are waiting for a Supper Saint or to indicate which parts of the supper you would like to offer, please contact Arianne at or sign up by clicking the button below -